Simply Beautiful Makeup For Any Occasion

Simply Beautiful Makeup For Any Occasion

Simply Beautiful Makeup For Any OccasionSimply Beautiful Makeup For Any OccasionSimply Beautiful Makeup For Any Occasion

About Me


Who's That Girl?

I am a native Houstonian, grew up on 10 acres out in Magnolia, TX. I get asked all the time how I fell into the business. Truth is I wanted to be a writer but had no idea where I wanted to attend college. (Now I know you’re judging my writing skills.) Having no clue where this would take me, I began my career 12 years ago working at Clinique in The Woodlands, sharpening my application skills and getting my feet wet in the wedding industry. Four years flew by and I knew I wanted to better my artistry so I packed my things and moved to the big city to work for Bobbi Brown (Neiman Marcus) in the Houston Galleria. After 5 years with Bobbi Brown I gained a better understanding of skin tones and color matching which is often done wrong and leaves you with good ol’ white face. In 2016 I took a leap of faith and branched out as a freelance artist. From there I worked with Jentry Kelley Cosmetics for 2+ years as the National Makeup Artist/Trainer where I was able to teach others my knowledge of artistry and how to interact with their clients. Today my focus is on-location services and doing what I love most, making people feel and look beautiful on their special days.

Wedding Makeup Artist

Why Hire A Makeup Artist?

I feel like some may think hiring a makeup artist is over the top. Truth is, any occasion is a great reason to look like a polished yet natural version of yourself. Makeup doesn't have to be dramatic when done by a professional. Have a special dinner or hosting a party? No need to worry about one more thing. Relax, pop some champagne and let me do all the work in the comfort of your own home. Invite friends and get a special rate (listed below).

Bridal Makeup

What's Her Specialty/Style?

Let's be honest, each artist has their specialty and typically you can judge based on their personal makeup style. While I can recreate just about any look and give you full glam if you need it, I stay on the natural side. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating a bold and beautiful smokey eye. I think my biggest pet peeve is seeing heavy or cakey makeup. I like for skin to look like skin; there are ways to cover up problem areas without looking like it’s piled on. It’s also important to know when to wear what. There is a time and a place for winged eyeliner and heavy contouring and that time is not while you're grocery shopping or going to Grandma's 85th birthday party. Rest assured, I will guide you in the right direction for each occasion.


Note: Rates are subject to change. Travel fees may apply.

Hello Love! Watch this video to learn what my daily routine is for my makeup as well as some of my tips and tricks. This displays a simple yet pretty way to look polished without taking too much of your time! Hope you learn something new!

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Do you need makeup for an upcoming special event? Have any further questions about the differences in services? Send me a message, and let me know how I can help.

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